The Organization

DamaFlamme is a trademark of the Groupe Damabois. Its head office is located in Saint-Damase de Matapédia in the Montérégie region. The company operates in the forestry and manufacturing sectors.

DamaFlamme transforms tree trunks into a multitude of components at its two sawmills in the the Gaspé and the Lower St. Lawrence, and then are assembled one of three plants in Montreal, New-Brunswick or Lower St. Lawrence. The company manufactures a range of handling pallets for different uses (agri-food, industrial, pharmaceutical and more).

DamaFlammes’s main goal is to achieve the maximum value of the forestry resources at its disposal and its vision is to promote consistent and sustainable innovation. Driven by its goal and vision, and a focus on promoting the sub-products arising from its activities, the company has developed an eco-friendly fire log like no other.

Through an innovative transformation process, a unique mix, state-of-the-art equipment and favorable results of independent testing, DamaFlamme manufactures ecological logs that provide more energy, more flame, and most importantly a longer burn time than those of its competitors.

The Damabois team is proud to present the DamaFlamme line of products:

The only real alternative to traditional firewood.