100% natural

Our logs are made of hardwood fibre. No additives are added to the mix. DamaFlamme logs have a low humidity rate (less than 9%) and a calorific rate as high as 8,125 BTU per pound (LHV: lower heating value). This performance was established with independence by a recognized laboratory.

Making DamaFlamme your choice for firewood, is choosing a tested product!

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FROM 8 TO 10 hours

Of slow combustion

Heat your home with DamaFlamme, there is nothing simpler and more sustainable! For a longer burn time and at night, prepare your fireplace and add one to three extra long-lasting logs (night logs) based on the size of your fireplace. Set your fireplace to the lowest setting. When you wake up or periodically (if for continuous heating), gather the coals and add one or two logs. As need and based on the desired heat release, open the backdrafts of your device. Warning: Do not overload the fireplace.

For the same diameter and the weight and under identical combustion conditions, wood bark logs from DamaFlamme last much longer than similar products manufactured using hardwood. For tested products, the results are nearly double (186 to 188%).

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And long-lasting

Long-lasting DamaFlamme logs are the alternative to traditional firewood! They not only give off more heat and more flame than similar logs manufactured using hard wood sawdust, but above all their burn time is much longer.

Almost twice as long.

This engineered product is more performing than the other ecological logs on the market. Test results are a testament of this.


the burn time of an eco-friendly hard wood log and similar dimension.


More burn time with flame than competing eco-friendly logs


More heat released than those of eco-friendly competitors

DamaFlamme “Night Log”

100% Complete

Competitor 1

58% Complete

Competitor 2

68% Complete

Competitor 3

56% Complete

DamaFlamme “Night Log”

100% Complete

Competitor 1

68% Complete

Competitor 2

70% Complete

Competitor 3

90% Complete


Our energy logs were tested by independent laboratories and experts. Click on their respective logos to access detailed results.

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SEREX and Biopterre are College Centres for the Transfer of Technology recognized by the Government of Quebec. They participate in the development of innovative solutions and practices for active businesses in the transformation of value added forestry products.

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Our logs are the by-products of the transformation of trembling aspen. Very dry and dense, this fibre offers exceptional combustion qualities. Not only does it offer more heat and a longer burn time, the heat released is constant and easy to control. The longest burn time with flame ensure a pleasant and comfortable ambience.

DamaFlamme promotes the residue of the forest industry. Wood fibre is first milled, then dried to perfection and then pressed mechanically in a mould. The end product is a dense and solid log. The quality of the manufacturing process combined with the combustible process results in a higher and more sustainable calorific value.

The manufacturing process ensures a level of moisture that is much less than traditional firewood. Lighting is faster, heat is more intense and a lot less wood is needed to heat your household.

Comparison of the volumes needed to produce the same amount of energy (BTU)




And energy efficient

Reduce the number of trees cut by using forest resources wisely. Help maximize the value of by-products arising out of the transformation of wood. In addition to reducing your heating costs with our high-quality and effective logs, you are helping to better the environment.

The burning of wood is considered ‘carbon neutral’; neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions since the trees absorb the CO2 as they grow. It is the process of carbon sequestration through photosynthesis. Approximately one tonne of carbon is sequestered for each m3 of wood.


Heat your home with DamaFlamme energy logs as an alternative power source to fossil fuels and contribute to a significant reduction in green house gas emissions. You will recycle carbon as nature would while reducing wood cutting for traditional firewood.



to bend over backwards

Say good-bye to the race for traditional firewood, to the hassle of stacking logs and to any other inconveniences. With DamaFlamme, it’s easy, clean and compact.

DamaFlamme logs make your life easier.

  • Always available at your local retailer
  • Can be delivered neatly on a wood pallet
  • No more stacking logs and cleaning your property
  • Easily determine the quantity needed and delivered
  • Less storage space needed
  • Clean and easy to store
  • Quality and dampness control
  • Free of insects, dust, fungus, and other contaminants
  • Plastic-wrapped packaging for more protection

Put your mind at ease. DamaFlamme offers a constant, easy to use and hassle-free supply.

Comparison of the volumes needed to produce the same amount of energy (BTU)